Apple and Cinnamon Pudding

A lot of people believe that once they are on a diet they can no longer eat desserts or sweet stuff. I was one of these people, cutting out the sweet stuff, the ice cream, the desserts only to find the cravings come back a lot faster. It is better to keep still something sweet in the diet, but natural sweets not added sweets. In my diet plan there is a lot of variety in meals and I was even surprised when I saw a pudding on the menu as a second breakfast. Today you can read how to make this nice dessert or second breakfast and why I need a second breakfast.

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Pasta Pesto with Chicken

Today I want to share with you a very easy and fast recipe, which I received from my nutritionist Sara Grybos. I love pastas, but on some days I need a fast, easy and healthy meals. Especially on the days I come home late from work and I already feel hungry. This dish can be made in 15-20 minutes and is a lot healthier than a pizza or regular pasta dishes. So let’s cook!

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Living in Poland: Zurek

Today a post which is more about living in Poland. Living in Poland will be a section of posts about how I experience living here, the differences that I notice between Poland and the Netherlands, but also post about Polish food and traditions.

Today’s post will be about food. Zurek. My favorite polish soup and I will tell you how I make it the easy way.

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