How will I reach my goal?

This is a very difficult question to answer. I am the kind of person that quite often set a goal, but also forget about the goal or changes the goal. And I have decides that this is a very bad habit. How will I change this habit? What is my new goal? And how will I reach it?

I have decided that I will start with some smaller goals and stick with this for 6 weeks, so these small things will become a habit. But also all these small goals will help me with achieving my long term goal: a healthier life.

But how will I track my small goals? Well I have to confess, that I have stolen this idea from my boyfriend. He has been using this technique for already a month and for him it is helping. So why not give it a try.

The idea is that you have a so called : Goal jar (I named my jar like this). This can be any kind of jar, an empty jar from food, a box or just a piggy bank. For every day you completed your goal, you are allowed to reward yourself with 1 or 2 or 3 cents. Depending on how hard the task is. And you keep doing this for a month. If you feel like you have collected enough coins you can get your reward or if not, you have to continue these goals for another month.

I am living in Poland so my 1,2,3 cents will be 1 or 2 gross coins. And every 1 gross will visualize 1 zloty (pln). I have decided to set two goals, but I will keep them till the end of May. At the end of May I am allowed to count my coins, if I do well I will have more than 1 pln in my Goaljar, which means I have 100 pln and for this I can buy a reward for myself. Until then I cannot reward myself with anything, and thus saving money with this system as well. Because we basically have come to the point in life, that if we want we can almost by everything directly when we want it. And for now we also would like to safe more and get better habits on the go as well.

One of my goals is to make 10.000steps per day. It should not be so hard, but on average I am only making 8-9.000 steps a day, and with this extra 1000 steps, which means another walk around the block I can earn 1 gross for the jar. However if I walk 30.000 steps I will still only earn 1 gross.

The second goal, is a lifelong issue of which my mom knows about. Drinking 1,5L of water per day. This 1,5L of water is without coffee, tea or juice. Just 1,5L of plain water. As a kid I always got a bottle and I had to return it every time during a meal and it had to be empty. now we are 20 years later and I have to do the same technique as my mom back then. Only nobody will tell me to drink it up. So for everyday I drink at least 1,5L of water I can earn 2 gross. This will be the hardest goal for me, because I always forget to drink. Even if I have time, but this might motivate me better. The last week it was getting better, because I have 3 water bottles on my desk. But then I worked one day at home and I did not even reach 0.5L.

These are my two new goals this month which will be valid till the end of May, but I will keep you updated on the progress. Hopefully at the end of May I can say I finally will have the habit of drinking enough water everyday, but I suspect this might always remain a struggle.

How do you keep your goals? And how do you track them?



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