The Last run

The last run of the four runs, organized by ITMBW, was last Sunday the 23rd of September. After I will finish this one, I have my four medals and I will get my trophy. How was the run? How did it go? And how did I enter the last run of the 4?

Let’s first get back in time, because of course, this will not be my last run this year. But it will be the last run of the series of 4. It started in February with the Valentines run, followed by the run at Bagry and Swoszowicze. Of all the participants I was one of the people still able to get the trophy, which you only receive when finishing all 4 races.

Normally, I would only write something about the day of the race, but this time I will take you first to the Friday before the race. Friday morning I woke up with a bit of throat pain and a small cold. Sometimes I just sneeze a couple of times in the morning so I thought well I will just take some tissues for on my way to work. Unfortunately, I was wrong. At work, I got a running nose, had to blow it every 5 minutes and I even started to feel a bit feverish. Took some Ibuprofen to get through the working day and at 17 I headed back home. Szymon was off that day and when I got home dinner was ready and he had gotten me some Gripex.

I started Gripex, some other medication for my sinuses, menthol creme, vaseline for my nose and put on my pajamas. I slept like a baby, but if I wanted to run I would have to stay indoors on Saturday. Saturday it was more or less the same, I felt a bit better. Some Gripex, a lot of tea and tissues, but luckily not really a fever (or maybe it was just being suppressed by the Gripex).

Sunday morning, the day of the race, I woke up and I felt a lot better. Still, I was having a cold, but not at all feverish and not the need to blow my nose that often. I decided to run, I really wanted this trophy. I cannot remember ever having a trophy, so I really wanted this one. To prove myself, that I did this. I completed a full series of run throughout the year without giving up. Of course, other races would tell me the same, which will follow. But it would not be the same for me. I don’t like to give up, not when I am sure I am able to finish.

I had eggs for breakfast, put on my running clothes, relaxed and read my book. We had some easy lunch. After Szymon and I went on our way. He was very cheerful because it was his last race this year in which he was participating. Luckily, for us, the race was in our district of the city for once and we only had to walk 25minutes to the start. We picked up the starter package, dropped off the bag at the deposit and got ready.

We were early and we could cheer for the runners participating in the 3km race and this was great. The fastest came over the finish in around 10minutes. And for me, it is unimaginable to run that fast at this moment. I went for the last time to the toilet and then it was time to head to the start.
The race started at 13, my watch worked and I started the timer. I had tissues in my pocket in case I needed them and was ready to go.

The start went good, I was feeling good and I was excited to do this race. I was aware that the surroundings were beautiful because we come here from time to time. Around kilometer 4 I felt my nose, hurting a bit and I needed to stop to blow it. After I could luckily continue. Around 5km we had the water point and it was a pleasant welcome. The road was less muddy than expected, due to the rain the days before. But the terrain was different than the ordinary tarmac. There was grass, sand, and rocks and in between small pieces of tarmac. Some parts I had run before, but this was months ago and I had forgotten that the terrain was quite hilly. Never the less, it felt like I was doing better than before, even with my cold.

Around the 7km mark, I had another stop to blow my nose and after I tried to keep on going. I was overtaking people, but I did not want to pay to much attention to that. I just had to keep on going, even if my nose was dripping and breathing was harder. I kept going. On the last straight, I saw the finish line, decided to run a little bit faster and faster. But I started the early, my lungs were burning and it was hard to keep the pace this high. I finished, the board showed 1h 2min 39sec. I was aware it took us around 50seconds to get to the start line from where we were standing so I ran this race under 1h and 2minutes. My best 10k race ever in Krakow, but not the best race overall. But I am satisfied, happy and high on this run. I feel ready for the half marathon, even with my limited amount of training. It is no longer a matter if my body can carry me over the finish line next month, but if I am strong enough mentally to keep on running that race alone.

I am hoping that next year ITMBW again creates a set of runs and I will definitely participate again. The runs are very good organized and the atmosphere is always good. Their runs showed me that I am capable of running and I will try to train with them more frequently now on Thursday’s until the air quality gets too bad.

What did you do this weekend?



PS. I would not advise anybody to run with a cold or fever. It is even better to get better first, but I know to which extent I can push my body. And if I would have felt as bad as on Friday, I would not have participated.

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